Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Exciting Week

Really, it hasn't been. I've officially turned into the soccer chauffeur, however. This week both CED and JAD have attended optional training on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 - 1. JAD started his club team practice on Monday and Thursday from 6 - 7:30 AND high school practice on Wednesday from 9 - 11. Next week will slow down a bit as the Tuesday/Thursday optional training is over with. Wheee! On top of going back and forth to the practice sites (which, aside from the high school practice is a 20 minute drive north via highway), I have gone to the club office to take care of some business, gone grocery shopping, picked CED up from a friend's house, went to my (new!) district office to pick up paperwork, and taken the three girls to their yearly doctor appointment. Is my life exciting, or what? I've paid bills, filled out rebate forms for my contacts, and created a team roster for CEDs team. I just can't stand how riveting my day to day life is!

Last night, however, K and I finally went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to head to On the Border and we both ate WAY too much. In fact, I may not have to eat today because I still feel full as I type this. Really. The thought of eating anything is beyond me. I think that K and I will work off a portion of what we ate last night as we are heading to the Incline in a couple of hours. Hopefully I can drag the huge lump in my belly up those steps. It was nice to get out just the two of us which we don't do very often. After dinner we went over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where I had a gift card for. I found a super cute double walled cup that will be perfect to use while running errands and for when I'm at school. Other than that, we came home and just flopped - mainly from being so full.

The rest of our day today after the Incline will simply be doing some errands family style. We are heading to the library (yay! reading material!), Barnes and Noble to pick up one of Jake's summer reading books (yes, we are behind. Why do you ask?), and WalMart (Ks favorite store) to get batteries for his various watches/heart rate monitors that have all decided to stop working. Try not to be too jealous of our scintillating lives. I would feel bad.

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