Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nature Hike

Saturday, we were able to take my mom and dad to one of our favorite close places to hike - Cheyenne Canon Park. From this particular hiking trail, you get a bird's eye view of Colorado Springs and 20 steps later a breathtaking sight of the mountains going on forever with a sprinkling of waterfalls and rivers. Both Mom and Dad were amazed at the views that we get of the mountains just minutes from our house. The hike goes up about 600 feet in elevation over one mile - not easy to do when you're not used to the thin air! We had a really great time and can't wait to show them more hiking trails if they come out in the summer (as promised - hint, hint!). But how great is it that two days after Thanksgiving we can be in the mountains hiking? Aaaahhhhh... bliss!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we are staying home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are very lucky to have my parents here visiting from Wisconsin. The kids were counting the days until their grandma and grandpa arrived. I'm very thankful that they were able to come out here. I am also thankful for:
My husband, who has been a very supportive, loving, caring man and incredible father
My children, I am so blessed to have all five of them, each with their own personalities and abilities
My parents and sister for always loving me for me - which is not always easy
My in-laws, who always have a kind word to say and have always accepted me and made me feel like an integral part of their family
My soccer mom friends who bring me sanity and laughter on a weekly basis
My job, in a day and time when so many are without jobs
My freedom, paid for by soldiers past, present, and future who put their lives on the line without even a second thought
My country, where we are able to freely do so many things that other countries can only dream about
What are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indoor Soccer

I've had many people ask me if I'm relieved that soccer has ended. Soccer? Ended? Not in my house. The outdoor season has simply segued itself into indoor season. Is it less hectic? Yes. No more practices two nights a week. No more separating the family to attend games in Denver and Colorado Springs. Now all games are played at the same facility. But I still have 3 children playing soccer. That part hasn't changed. I look forward to indoor season - the indoor soccer game is so different from outdoor soccer. The game is fast paced - there are no times when players are waiting for throw ins or penalty kicks. There is no waiting for a stop of game to sub players. There are no out of bounds. The indoor game is fast. Subs are made on the fly. Balls are legally kicked against and played off the wall. There is constant action on a smaller field. Excitement abounds! If you have never had the opportunity to see an indoor soccer game, I highly recommend that you do. I'm pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the excitement of it!

Monday, November 15, 2010


MAD turned four today. Four. She's not a baby anymore and she reminds me of that on a daily basis. What she fails to realize is that she will always be my baby. Always and forever, my little peanut. Finding out that I was pregnant with her hit me like a ton of bricks coming out of thin air. Her sister, MED, was all of five months old when I discovered that I was pregnant yet again. That was, honestly, a very rough time. Really? Pregnant again? Yes, I know how that happens. Yes, my television was functioning just fine. But pregnant? I was still nursing! Oh, goodness, here we go again. Six months later, I was told that I had placenta previa and would have to take it easy or else I would be hospitalized. Seriously, doc? Do you KNOW how many kids I have at home? Fortunately, that very concerning situation righted itself by the time I had my little peanut. However, my little peanut was NOT such a little peanut. She weighed a whopping 10 pounds 4 ounces. You wouldn't know it now, looking at her. She talks our ear off - I think she wakes up talking and goes to sleep talking. She loves baby dolls, dressing up, and being outside. She adores her oldest big brother, can spell her name, and follows me like my shadow. She cuddles with anyone and refuses to sleep alone (her current bedmate of choice is MED - thank goodness it's not me anymore! Sleep is a beautiful thing...). She is sassy and self confident and knows what she wants. MED is my baby, forever and always. Happy 4.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


JED is eight. Some days I wonder how he has lived this long, because he is the child that tests our patience on a daily level and sometimes even on an hourly level. This is a child who is ALL boy. He climbs trees, plays in the dirt, and runs around with endless energy. He is my red-headed wonder. I will never forget the reaction of the nurses as he was born. The first thing I heard was 'He has red hair!' soon to be followed by 'The baby weighs ten pounds!' JED has always brought that special spark to our life. And wonderment that boys could be as crazy as this little boy is. Before he was one, he was climbing on top of the dining room table and his look was just daring me to come and get him. He is always toeing the line and giggling the whole way through. He brings us great joy and great frustration. I love my little red-headed spitfire. Happy birthday, little man. You bring us smiles everyday with your mischievousness.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Musical Dancing Diva

MED had her first music program at the conservatory tonight. To begin, she and her classmates had to introduce themselves, then play a short song on the piano. I was amazed at how loudly (and proudly) MED introduced herself. Many kids had to be asked twice to introduce themselves loudly enough so that all could her, but not my M. She then hopped right on to that piano bench and confidently played her song. After the piano part of the recital (part one), the newer students sang a couple of songs with their teacher while playing instruments and doing a little dance. MED never missed a beat playing her triangle or singing her song. The grand finale was all of the novice conservatory students doing a modern dance. There was hip shaking, finger wiggling, break dancing, jumping fun. The kids (and watching families) liked the dance so much, they did an encore for us. It was a really enjoyable hour of watching kids who like what they get to do for 2 hours every Wednesday after school. I was so proud of my M. She has become an assertive, confident little person whose smile just lights up the room.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here, Fishy Fishy

Yes, we have lost our minds. Yes, we now have fish. And two dogs. And a cat. And a gecko. That eats crickets. We are just adding to the zoo.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

And We Have A Winner

Outdoor soccer is officially over. JAD played his last game today and it was FULL of excitement. The boys went into this game knowing that they had to win or, at the very least, tie this team to maintain their second place standing (they played the third place team today). They were pumped up to begin with and JAD did his best to get them pumped up and stay that way throughout the game. The boys played hard and put their hearts (and some blood) into this game. One boy on the team was actually red carded and kicked out of the game. He came to 'sit' with the parents, but we had a very hard time keeping him off the field and from yelling at the refs. Everything went downhill from there. Two boys on our team went down at the same time in the last five minutes of the game - one took an elbow to the face (instant bloody nose) and the other was tripped and banged up his foot pretty well. NOT A SINGLE REF MADE A CALL OR STOPPED THE GAME. Talk about bad calls. Two players laying on the field with one holding his head and the refs - all THREE - let play continue. We finally had parents running onto the field to come to the aid of the boy and there were many mad parents (and players) talking calmly to the ref. Okay. Not calmly. Would screaming sound more appropriate? Because that's what was happening - and not with the best language, either. We did win the game - but there were a lot of hot parents and coaches and players. Our 'assistant' coach (father of the red-carded player) was almost tossed and our coach was being warned as well. At the end of the game, we had parents from the other team calling our parents and PLAYERS poor sports. Because that's good sportsmanship? These were the same parents who cheered and applauded when our player was red-carded. Because that's good sportsmanship, too. Uh huh. So, we ended the fall season with a very 'spirited' game and a record of 7-2-1. Now we move on to indoor soccer.

Just look at this backdrop. I still can't believe I get to see the mountains every time I look up.

Here, JADs arms are thrown up in protest - his teammate is getting red-carded and tossed from the game.

Coach promised the boys if they won the game today, they could paint his hair red. He's a man of his word!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shining Star

JEDs music program at school was tonight. He laughed, sang, and giggled his way through the program. The big thing was that he really enjoyed being up on the risers with his fellow 2nd grade peers. They did a great job and the 1/2 hour program of 2nd and 4th grade singers was actually quite pleasant. I bet if you ask him nicely he'll sing for you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


There has been much cheering going on at my house this evening as the control in the House has changed hands. Many, many upheavals have taken place this evening - including our former resident state of (liberal) Wisconsin. It's amazing to see how the American people have stepped up and voiced their opinions to say that enough is enough and they want their voices to be heard and, most importantly, LISTENED TO. It will be interesting to watch what happens as all these new political figures take their posts in the coming months. I really hope that this will be enough to make some POSITIVE changes that will actually benefit the American people. Regardless, America has spoken and is demanding real change for real people. Bravo, America. Bravo.

Beauties and the Beasts

Halloween was a big success at our house this year. My mom worked her fingers to the bone through sweat and blood and probably tears and words unmentionable to make my three girls' absolutely beautiful costumes this year. There were many oohs and aahs as we went around trick or treating this past Sunday. K and I decided to take our kids to the local mall to trick or treat before the city trick or treat time. Talk about insanity! There was one huge line that wrapped all the way around the indoor of the mall. Most stores had an employee standing outside the store handing out candy. We saw every type of costume on every type of person imaginable. The important thing was that the kids had a good time. We then went home and I took CED, JED, MED, and MAD trick or treating while JAD stayed home with two friends and K to scare little kids and pass out candy. Many people were impressed with our 'spooky' decor outside and apparently several little kids refused to even walk up our driveway. The weather was perfect (I went out in a light jacket and flip-flops - never could do that in WI and IL!) and we spent the entire time from 6 - 8 outside. All in all, a very good Halloween.

MED, the mermaid

MAD, the pumpkin

JED, the Skeleton Reaper with CED, the inmate escapee and MED, the mermaid

The whole ghastly crew - pumpkin, emperor of evil, mermaid, inmate escapee, skeleton reaper

Creepy Joker - the man I married

P.S. Thanks, mom. The costumes were a great hit! We're already planning next year. We're going with a 'theme' :)