Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauties and the Beasts

Halloween was a big success at our house this year. My mom worked her fingers to the bone through sweat and blood and probably tears and words unmentionable to make my three girls' absolutely beautiful costumes this year. There were many oohs and aahs as we went around trick or treating this past Sunday. K and I decided to take our kids to the local mall to trick or treat before the city trick or treat time. Talk about insanity! There was one huge line that wrapped all the way around the indoor of the mall. Most stores had an employee standing outside the store handing out candy. We saw every type of costume on every type of person imaginable. The important thing was that the kids had a good time. We then went home and I took CED, JED, MED, and MAD trick or treating while JAD stayed home with two friends and K to scare little kids and pass out candy. Many people were impressed with our 'spooky' decor outside and apparently several little kids refused to even walk up our driveway. The weather was perfect (I went out in a light jacket and flip-flops - never could do that in WI and IL!) and we spent the entire time from 6 - 8 outside. All in all, a very good Halloween.

MED, the mermaid

MAD, the pumpkin

JED, the Skeleton Reaper with CED, the inmate escapee and MED, the mermaid

The whole ghastly crew - pumpkin, emperor of evil, mermaid, inmate escapee, skeleton reaper

Creepy Joker - the man I married

P.S. Thanks, mom. The costumes were a great hit! We're already planning next year. We're going with a 'theme' :)

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