Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Musical Dancing Diva

MED had her first music program at the conservatory tonight. To begin, she and her classmates had to introduce themselves, then play a short song on the piano. I was amazed at how loudly (and proudly) MED introduced herself. Many kids had to be asked twice to introduce themselves loudly enough so that all could her, but not my M. She then hopped right on to that piano bench and confidently played her song. After the piano part of the recital (part one), the newer students sang a couple of songs with their teacher while playing instruments and doing a little dance. MED never missed a beat playing her triangle or singing her song. The grand finale was all of the novice conservatory students doing a modern dance. There was hip shaking, finger wiggling, break dancing, jumping fun. The kids (and watching families) liked the dance so much, they did an encore for us. It was a really enjoyable hour of watching kids who like what they get to do for 2 hours every Wednesday after school. I was so proud of my M. She has become an assertive, confident little person whose smile just lights up the room.

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