Saturday, November 13, 2010


JED is eight. Some days I wonder how he has lived this long, because he is the child that tests our patience on a daily level and sometimes even on an hourly level. This is a child who is ALL boy. He climbs trees, plays in the dirt, and runs around with endless energy. He is my red-headed wonder. I will never forget the reaction of the nurses as he was born. The first thing I heard was 'He has red hair!' soon to be followed by 'The baby weighs ten pounds!' JED has always brought that special spark to our life. And wonderment that boys could be as crazy as this little boy is. Before he was one, he was climbing on top of the dining room table and his look was just daring me to come and get him. He is always toeing the line and giggling the whole way through. He brings us great joy and great frustration. I love my little red-headed spitfire. Happy birthday, little man. You bring us smiles everyday with your mischievousness.

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