Monday, November 15, 2010


MAD turned four today. Four. She's not a baby anymore and she reminds me of that on a daily basis. What she fails to realize is that she will always be my baby. Always and forever, my little peanut. Finding out that I was pregnant with her hit me like a ton of bricks coming out of thin air. Her sister, MED, was all of five months old when I discovered that I was pregnant yet again. That was, honestly, a very rough time. Really? Pregnant again? Yes, I know how that happens. Yes, my television was functioning just fine. But pregnant? I was still nursing! Oh, goodness, here we go again. Six months later, I was told that I had placenta previa and would have to take it easy or else I would be hospitalized. Seriously, doc? Do you KNOW how many kids I have at home? Fortunately, that very concerning situation righted itself by the time I had my little peanut. However, my little peanut was NOT such a little peanut. She weighed a whopping 10 pounds 4 ounces. You wouldn't know it now, looking at her. She talks our ear off - I think she wakes up talking and goes to sleep talking. She loves baby dolls, dressing up, and being outside. She adores her oldest big brother, can spell her name, and follows me like my shadow. She cuddles with anyone and refuses to sleep alone (her current bedmate of choice is MED - thank goodness it's not me anymore! Sleep is a beautiful thing...). She is sassy and self confident and knows what she wants. MED is my baby, forever and always. Happy 4.

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