Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Hiking We Will Go

Today we decided to go hiking. It's something we love to do as a family and it's free. Bonus! We went to one of our favorite places - Cheyenne Canon Park - it's close and there are lots of trails. We drove through most of the park up, up, up the mountain and decided to go on a trail near Helen Hunt Falls.

This trail proceeded to do nothing but go up, and up, and up. The view at the top was beautiful, though. It made all our hard work worth it.

And, as always, what goes up must come down.

After this, we decided to go on another trail that proved to be pretty tricky at one point. Fortunately for us, our kids don't shy away from a challenge and they were scrambling up steep inclines with nary a complaint. Of course, we did have to come down again and on an incline this steep, it always proves to be a little tricky.

Here's a picture of our motley crew:

The kids ended the hike with a stirring rendition of the commercial song "We Wear No Pants". Yup. We're klassy with a 'k'.

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