Thursday, March 24, 2011

Movies Movies Everywhere

We decided that this week we would watch a movie a night with the kids - something we love doing and we can all pretty much agree on it together. So far this week we've watched Grownups (funny!), Unstoppable, Salt (think Jason Bourne - just female), Red (we will be purchasing a copy of this movie in the near future), The Tourist, Good Will Hunting, and Secret Window. Some have been better than others (The Tourist looked better in the previews) and some have had us in stitches (see previously mentioned Red) and some were watched after the three youngest went to bed (Secret Window). All in all, it's been great sitting down and just relaxing with the whole family. We love RedBox (you can't beat a dollar a rental)... I can't wait to see what is in tomorrow when I return tonight's movie!

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