Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Friend

JAD has been saving his money for a little while. Every couple of days, he'd ask for me to take him to some store or another, or to help him purchase something off the internet that he's seen on tv. Being the great mom that I am, I haven't done any of the above. Which I really think worked in his favor. In the end, he purchased something that he has been talking about for a while. Here it is:

This is Flame. He (she?) is a crested gecko. Currently, Flame is all of about 3 inches long and half of that is his tail. He really is quite cute. Crested geckos live anywhere from 5 - 10 (or more) years and they get to about 10 inches long. JAD is pretty pleased with his purchase and he was able to buy the gecko, cage, bedding, fake plant, and hiding spot all himself. I know my mom will be pleased to spend a few nights with Flame when they come to visit at Thanksgiving. I can hear her pleasure already. Oh ya.

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