Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer Soccer Soccer... Have I Mentioned Soccer?

This week JED started playing soccer - developmental, thank goodness, so no 'away' games like CED and JAD. But that doesn't mean there's any less practice. On Thursdays, I now drop JAD and CED off at their practice and then drive 20+ minutes to take JED to his practice. Then I get to reverse the process and go BACK to where JAD and CED are practicing and wait there for an additional half hour for CED's practice to be over. Aren't you jealous? Let's not talk about the inordinate amount of gas I am going through to do this, either. JEDs first game was yesterday and he has decided that he wants to play goal keeper. I think it fits his personality to a 'T'. He was able to play keeper during the first quarter and K said he did a great job. His team won 6-1. CEDs game was canceled yesterday (unavailable fields at the away team) so I took JAD to his game. It was certainly filled with excitement - especially from all the BAD CALLS GOING AGAINST US. Believe me when I say I am NOT one of those parents who believes that every call is unfair when it's against my kids' teams. If it's a foul, then call it. If it's a card, then call it. If it's offsides, then call it. But be FAIR and call it both ways. And that definitely has NOT been happening lately when we are playing away games. Fortunately, JADs team did win and they are still undefeated. Go, Red, Go!

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