Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekends Are For Soccer

We are, once again, having a gorgeous weekend here in Colorado. The temperature is around 80, not a cloud in the sky and there's a light breeze. Today we had two games in town and one up in Aurora, east of Denver. JADs team won again today. Their record is now 5-0. It just seems surreal at times. We've always known that this team has talent... we're finally seeing it all be realized. They won 10-1. And we cheered for every. Single. Goal. I know, that sounds tacky and unsportsmanlike. However, JADs team is tied for first point-wise, but technically they are in second because of the point differential. SO, we needed every point possible today to close that gap. The other first place team has been beating everyone by an average of 8 points per game. Unreal.

JED played goalkeeper for his entire game. K said he was excellent at keeper and only 2 goals were scored on him the entire game. That's awesome!

The finale of the day was CEDs game. We went up to the game knowing that the girls would have to play without subs because one girl is out of town and another is sick. When we got there, we found out that we'd be playing one player DOWN because another girl had the stomach flu. 10 v 11. Gulp. Those girls really pulled it together, though, and went out and played with all their hearts. And they WON. Yes. WON. And not only WON, they shut the other team out and scored five goals themselves. It was positively exhilarating. A great day for soccer in our house.

Hope y'all had as great a day!

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