Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Photo and Word Montage

Four weeks ago school began. Four weeks ago I had a semblance of a life. Now I spend my days at school and spend my nights getting ready for the next day of school. In between all that, I chauffeur kids to soccer practice and pretend to make dinner. On the weekends we go to soccer games. And I get ready for the next week of school. All that said, my poor little blog is falling by the wayside. And you don't know what's going on in our busy little lives.

MED started kindergarten. She loves it. She thinks she's super big. She thinks she knows it all. But she delights in the fact that she is in KINDERGARTEN and she's learning all kinds of things. I keep looking at her and think that she's just WAY too small to be with all those big kids all day long. I guess her being four and almost a year younger than most of her classmates doesn't help, does it?

CED is in fifth grade. Fifth Grade! That means middle school next year! How did that happen??? She has been chosen by her teacher to be on Student Advisory Council again this year and she'll be working with two primary kids on phonics and spelling throughout the year. She continues to be a teacher's favorite. If only she'd clean her room... :)

JED is in second grade and has a MALE teacher this year. He is SUPER tall - way taller than daddy, the kids say. But JED seems to really like him. We're hoping for a great year. It's starting off well so far and JED is making new friends every day. Can't believe he's in second grade already. It seems like he was just where MED is right now.

JAD started eighth grade at the neighborhood middle school. It lasted all of one week. Unbeknownst to any of the parents of gifted children, our district cut all of the gifted and talented classes. Ummm... not happening. So, we pulled him out of that school. Even with all the 'great' ideas the new principal has, I don't want my child to be a guinea pig while they iron out all the details of 'challenging' their gifted population of 10 eighth graders. He is now attending COVA, an online school. He can work at his own pace and he is actually able to take Spanish now. It's actually quite a great program. It is public education (run out of a county near Denver) and we get all of his school materials for free - including a computer and printer. He's a little lonely at home all day, but he made the final decision. Thank goodness for soccer and the friends he has there!

MAD is exactly what her initials spell out when it comes to daycare. She cries every morning that she doesn't want to go, yet tells me every afternoon what a great day she had. Crazy girl! Every morning while dropping her off she has screamed at, kicked and hit the daycare worker. I walk out listening to her scream "I want my mommy!!!". Makes going into work so much easier, let me tell you. I finally figured out that she goes peacefully and quietly if I drop her with another caretaker (who is supposed to be with the school-aged kids). But hey, it works, and Heidi (bless her heart) is willing to take my darling peanut.

In the last 4 weekends, we have gone to two tournaments - one, just JADs team was in and the other was at the Air Force Academy and both JAD and CEDs teams were in - and we attended four regular season games. CEDs team is already looking immensely better than last year with its horrendous coaching. They even won their third tournament game! The really great part about this is they won 2 players down. CED is now playing 11v11 and FOUR girls did not show up for the third game. Yet, they won - and the other team was subbing 4 players in at a time (we had no subs, 9 players total, remember?) and they had a full 11 on the field. What a great game! JADs team won their third game as well, and landed themselves in the championship game! They ended up losing, but it was an exciting weekend - tiring (7 games!), but exciting!

CED has become an AMAZING sweeper. She directs her teammates on the field, is aggressive in going after the ball, and has a killer slide tackle. She usually has a couple of girls marking up on her by the end of the game. She IS a force to be reckoned with.

JAD has been moved up to forward many of the games. He says it's okay. I don't think he likes the whole getting subbed out thing. At defense, he never got subbed. He's just too good to take out. When the game is starting to go down, his coach always moves him back to defense because he knows how to shut the opposing forwards down. However, he scored two of the three goals to get them in the final game... think he does well at soccer?

JADs team being 'introduced' before the championship game. It's hard to see in this picture, but most of the boys were almost giddy. And what you don't see in this picture are the drums that the other team and our team brought to cheer on the boys. It was a very noisy game.

JAD in motion...

Sitting on the podium having just received their medals.

Don't worry - there will be plenty of soccer pics to come! The season has just begun!

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