Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In fifth grade the last two days, we have been dissecting owl pellets. I lectured my students on the importance of being safe while doing this project and they had to wear gloves and masks. I walked around, listening to their excited utterances and my name being yelled over and over to come and 'see'. I chose to walk around, observe, and converse, sans mask or gloves as I didn't touch anything. I did sanitize my hands several times, however. My teammate took a very different approach.

The whole project completely creeped her out and she wore the mask and gloves even before the pellets were out of their bags and foil. I got a good kick out of it all and gave her a hard time for an entire day before she even started the dissection. And, of course, I had to grab my phone and snap a picture of her when she walked into my classroom like she was going to perform surgery. Or an autopsy. You choose.

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