Monday, October 25, 2010

One Minute It's Here and Then It's Gone

Last night the winds visited us. They were vicious and mean and took every prisoner possible. Our entire Halloween display that K and the kids painstakingly worked on for two weekends is gone. Blown away. Destroyed. Never to be seen again, I'm sure. Not only that, the fence that runs along the southwest side of our yard was blown down. The kids playset was picked up and violently slammed down a few feet away. The backboard of our basketball hoop was sheared off. The stairs to our deck are precariously hanging and banging against the deck. Our garbage and recycling cans were emptied into our neighbors' back yard. And we discovered all this before seven a.m. I love Colorado but I HATE the wind. A neighbor had 3 sections of their fence blown down. Another neighbor's trampoline was picked up, blown across two yards, and broke a second story window and damaged their gutters. Yes, I said second story. This wind was unbelievable. My neighbor and I are guesstimating that the winds were gusting around 70 miles an hour. That's hurricane force wind. I HATE the wind!

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