Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Have Lost It

My mind, that is. We have added another pet to our repertoire - Lightning. The fish have died, so I now have an empty tank sitting on my breakfast bar awaiting the arrival of piranhas. This is what K has now determined that needs to live in the tank. Yay. But I guess that's better than the other pet he wants - a baby ball python. A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere, doesn't she? But I digress... the newest pet, Lightning. Lightning is CEDs pet. She has saved up birthday and Christmas money for this pet, so it's not like I had to contribute to the purchasing of this furry little creature. The Latin name for this animal is Mus Musculus. The common name for it is mouse. Yes, a mouse. A mouse in my house. A mouse that our cat could very happily consume. So I now have 2 dogs, a cat, gecko (with its various crickets and mealworms), and a mouse. And we are looking for piranhas, apparently. And maybe a python. I might soon move out. That may make more room for the zoo we are accumulating.

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  1. i love her so much thanks for letting me get my little mousy!