Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day!!!

Or Cold Day, whichever you prefer. I really don't care which one you'd like to use, just as long as I can stay in my jammies and sleep past 5:15 am. Tomorrow we have a day off due to weather. Shockingly, our district was the FIRST to cancel school for tomorrow (a record, I'm sure!) and I am NOT complaining! At this point, we haven't gotten all that much snow, but the windchill tomorrow is supposed to stay at a steady 25 degrees below zero. Can you say insane??? I guess I'll take the day or so of bitter cold... it's much better than what Wisconsin and my parents are getting in the next couple of days - almost 2 feet of snow. Yuck! I don't miss that in any way, shape, or form. I am quite happy knowing that just days from now, the weather here will have rebounded back into the mid 40s and what little snow we currently have will disappear rather quickly. Anyway, tomorrow the kids and I will happily stay ensconced in our home, with the heat cranked up. Oh, happy, happy joyfulness!

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