Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today K and I went to 'check out' a washer and dryer pair that was being sold. One of K's employee's recently bought a new house and the front loading washer/dryer set that his wife painstakingly researched and picked out doesn't fit in their new laundry room. Very disappointing for them. Really good for me! My washer and dryer have slowly been dying on me - the washer needs something replaced as it is leaking water from somewhere (yes, I'm very technical, as you can see) and my dryer has been the bane of my existence - sometimes taking up to four complete cycles to dry one load. I have really, really, really high hopes for my new washer and dryer. K was very kind and moved the old set out and new one in as soon as we got home. I am currently marveling at the quietness of the new washer and I can't wait to see how quickly my dryer dries a load of towels. I was able to fit 12 towels, 8 washcloths, and 1 handtowel in one load. That's just amazing!!! Here's to less time doing laundry!

Aren't they just PRETTY???

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  1. they are pretty but they are much faster.... I CANT KEEP UP ON FOLDING LAUNDRY!!!! :) love ya mom!