Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue Card

I always thought the first blue card (a foul in indoor soccer, for those of you who aren't familiar with this exciting sport) would go to JAD. I was wrong. CED has won that honor. Of course, she had said up until Monday night's game that she would just blow it off if it ever happened. Well, it happened. And she didn't blow it off. She cried. And boy, was she angry. The card came as she slid to save a goal from being scored against her team. It was beautiful! Our normal keeper wasn't at the game, so CED's job as sweeper was even more important - be a defender and protect the goal at all cost. She did her job beautifully. Normally a slide in outdoor soccer wouldn't even garner a glance from the ref. However, the rules are oh-so-different in indoor and sliding, under ANY circumstance, is not allowed. Her coach was very proud of her and said he would take a blue card any day (which carries a two minute penalty - think hockey) over a goal being scored. Now I'm waiting for JAD to join her ranks. He's been 'awarded' several warnings in outdoor and even a yellow card at the ripe ol' age of eleven, but has yet to get a blue card. That's okay. His time is coming. He's too hot-headed to go much longer without one.

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