Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The First Day

Today was JADs first day of school at CMCA. I was so nervous for him this morning, just praying that everything would go well and he wouldn't come home absolutely hating me for putting him in that school. When I talked to him after school, he sounded almost giddy! He knew even more boys than he thought he would and the teachers and students were all extremely kind to him. He seems to have already settled in fairly well (considering it was his first day) and I have not seen him this happy (in relation to school) since we moved from Wisconsin. I think, like I said in an earlier post, that this school in so many ways mirrors our old school and this has helped in leaps and bounds to put JAD at ease. He does have a good amount of homework - more than he would get in a week at the public middle school - but he's even rather jovial about that. Today, he cleared off his desk so that he would have a place to do homework. He is embracing this fully and that is very exciting for me! I just hope that he continues to fit in and make friends at this school. I am a very, very happy mama right now!

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