Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home Again

We've received another gift of a day at home today. Every school district in the Springs has shut down, once again, due to the subzero temperatures. At least today it's not as dangerous as yesterday was with its -25 degree windchill. Today we are warming up to a balmy 2 degrees. I talked to family this morning back in the Midwest and they are just getting hammered. Entire states are telling their residents to stay put and not go out because emergency road crews won't be able to reach them if they become stranded. That's just crazy! Hundreds of flights are being canceled - much to my sister's chagrin who was anticipating her husband coming home from California today. Both of my parents have the day off work. Highway 94 in Wisconsin has been shut down both ways for a good 40 miles. Highway 70 has been shut down in Kansas. What crazy weather! I will enjoy my day, however, and do what I feel like doing... which amounts to much of nothing. Stay warm!

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