Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Neighbors and Cops

Last summer we had new neighbors move in next door. We were happy to see that they had two girls right around CEDs age and thought that this would just add to the fun around the cul-de-sac for the kids. We knew that nobody would replace the people who own the house, who we came to love dearly over the two year we were neighbors, but we had high hopes for their tenants moving in. Tonight we hit a new low with these people. Let's backtrack about a week and a half.

One night, about a week and a half ago, our kids came inside and said that the mom next door was yelling at JED and accusing him of throwing rocks at her house. Now JED is definitely all boy and he will do some things that we don't necessarily approve of, but he also knows that he better not lie to us because he will get caught. All of our kids, plus many other neighborhood kids, came in saying that JED was not throwing rocks at the house next door - it was really the girls who live there. K questioned the girls who live next door to see if JED was throwing rocks at their house and they admitted no, it was not him that they were actually the ones throwing the rocks. K decided that it was best if I went next door to talk to the mom as he didn't want to get into an argument with another woman (smart man!). So, I headed over there to ask what was going on. The mom denied that she yelled at my son and she began to get very vocal with me about that fact. It came down to me asking her to talk to me if my children were doing something wrong - I do not want her just yelling at my kids. We have since told our kids to stay off their property and to not play with their girls as they continue to tell lies about what my kids do.

So, today things took a turn for the worse. The parents (both of them) came out screaming that JED (what do they have against my redhead???) was in their house. Of course, this had K and I very concerned about why our son was going in their house. JAD came in saying that JED was out front the whole time and did not go in their house. So, K and I headed next door to question what was going on and to find out exactly why they were yelling at our child again. That's when everything blew up. Both parents came flying out their front door and started yelling that JED was in their house - the lady with fury in her voice and getting more agitated by the second. While K and the dad were 'discussing' (heatedly) the situation, the mom decided to call the cops. Awesome. Come to find out about the whole 'in our house' situation, it was a complete misuse of the word. What JED was actually doing was standing on the concrete slab between our two houses and running up on a section of fence that was knocked over in the wind storm a couple of weeks ago. He was never in their house - simply on their property and they were angry as two vipers about it. The dad kept saying this was his house - we politely corrected him and said it was his property which is quite different from JED actually being in their house.

So, the cops showed up about 15 minutes later looking like they had better things to be doing than dealing with this situation. CED and MAD were hysterical thinking that the cops were coming to take their dad to jail since the mom next door had called the cops on him (thanks, lady, for causing undue freak-outs in my house!) They talked to our neighbors where the mom began raising her voice at the cops (is she insane???) as she told her side of the story. When the cops came to talk to us, they basically admitted that the complaint was unfounded, but said that it would be nice if K apologized to her for yelling at her a week ago (he yelled at her because she was yelling at me) and to let it go. They really think that these people are just going to have to figure out how to deal with all the kids running around while playing outside. They politely listened to us, agreed with what we said, and promptly left.

So, I'm sure the Nazi will be standing outside anytime her girls are outside watching every little movement my kids make (she likes to yell at JAD when he stands near her driveway). It's going to be an interesting summer.

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