Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Singing!

Tonight was MEDs kindergarten concert. Seeing those little kindergarteners all up on the risers was so adorable. They were wiggly, giggly, and enthusiastic. Tonight's theme was 'Sports' and all the kids were supposed to wear a sports related shirt or jersey. You'd think that we'd be bursting at the seams with sports related clothing, but the music teacher wanted something that was football or baseball related. (What?? No soccer gear?? What's up with that?) We spent several minutes running around looking for something appropriate. In the end, CED came up with the winning shirt - a pink Cubs tee. MED looked so comfortable up in front of everyone and did a fabulous job of singing and doing all the choreography that was planned out by the music teacher. She looked more 'polished' than most of her classmates - a direct correlation to her experiences at the music conservatory, I'm sure.

MED is right there in the middle, next to the little boy in the red jersey. She was heartily participating in what she was doing!


On a side note, K is watching the NFL draft at this very moment. An interesting comment was just made by the TV personalities about a potential draftee. It was anticipated that this young man would be drafted fairly high in the first round. However, after a marijuana charge and two run-ins with underage drinking, various teams in the NFL began to monitor his FACEBOOK page. Upon seeing some questionable pictures on this person's Facebook page, his draft status is dropping by the minute. A lesson learned - beware of what you actually post on Facebook and the web!

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