Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. We enjoyed our time as a family unit on a relaxing, cold, rainy Easter Sunday. The kids actually let K and I sleep until about 8:20 this morning and they didn't even touch their baskets which were laid out across the living room furniture.

Of course, we had to wake up JAD who informed me that we were disturbing his beauty sleep and he had fully intended on sleeping until at least 10. Umm, no. Little people will just not allow that with baskets full of candy awaiting their perusal. So, you lose, JAD.

The kids enjoyed looking through their baskets and receiving gifts from their grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins. They were allowed a few jelly beans and two small pieces of chocolate before breakfast which just made MAD smile from ear to ear. Chocolate? Before breakfast? Yes, please!

(What can I say about the expression on his face? He's a teenager. He has no expression. It's AWEsome.)

We had a nice breakfast of strawberries and blackberries, banana muffins, fried french bread, and cheese omelets. I won't tell you how much my boys, in particular, ate because it would astound you and then I'd have to answer questions about just how much our grocery bill is and that would make me cry. Let's leave it at they ate A LOT.

We spent the next few hours relaxing - watching Nanny McPhee and The Sound of Music. The kids played hide and seek (in the house - it was really cold today) for close to two hours. JAD even pulled a Spiderman move and hid in the top of his linen closet - plastered to the ceiling. Oh, the things they do to hide from their siblings.

K prepared a delicious Easter meal for us - spiral sliced ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, french bread, and salad. The kids 'entertained' us throughout the meal - at times laughing so hard that they were crying. Don't ask the adults what the kids were laughing at at all times because we really just don't know. We just know that if the gifted coordinator from the school district had randomly come over during our dinnertime, she would have stripped our children of their gifted status and refused to retest JED next year. Yes, they were THAT goofy.

Nothing exciting for us today, but it was a nice relaxing day and one in which the kids actually got along for the most part. Right now they're happily sitting downstairs in the rec room watching old episodes of 24. It's been a good day. Hope yours was the same.

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