Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soccer and Bike Rides

It's 79 degrees today. Yep. 79 degrees. We started our morning off with two soccer games. K left with JAD at 6:15 this morning to head up to Denver for an 8:30 game. They won 3-0, but I guess it was one of the worst called games any parent has ever seen. No calls went for us - the refs called everything against our boys and nothing against the other team. Can you say 'home cookin'? JAD ended up being yellow-carded for elbowing a boy... who had just elbowed him. Apparently, the ref said more than once 'I didn't see anything happen' as the line ref was pointing out obvious fouls. How irritating is that? One of our boys had possession of the ball before he hit the midline, took the ball all the way downfield, and scored. The refs called the goal off saying he was offsides. What? Seriously? If you know nothing about soccer, just know one things. When you clearly have possession of the ball before crossing the midline, you ARE NOT offsides. That's your soccer lesson of the day. Maybe I need to send my lesson to the ref, because clearly he missed that at referee school. Early in the game, JAD took a ball hard in his right eye. He had some blurriness that eventually moved into not being able to see out of it at all and he ended up sitting out the last 10 minutes of the first half. There's still some very minor swelling and his eye keeps watering, but he can see fine out of it now. Phew! I was worried that we'd end up at the doctor for that one!
CED also had a game this morning. I left with her and the three younger kids at 8:15 this morning to head to her game. Her team has taking an amazing turn for the better. They are passing well, working together, and not bunching up in the middle of the field. Girls are starting to play their positions and they stay there, too! It's so much fun to watch them now! They handily won their game 3-0 as well (must be the magic number in our house today) and were clearly the better team - and with no subs, to boot. Our keeper touched the ball all of three times today. That's how many times they were actually able to get the ball down to the opposite end of the field. So, a good morning for all at our house.
This afternoon, K pumped up the bike tires, loaded up the van and his truck (we really need a bike rack), and we headed out for the bike trail. There's a great trail, completely paved, that runs all the way through the Springs, north to south, and beyond in both directions. We did about 10 miles total. Nothing like finding an activity that makes me feel like I'm completely out of shape and weigh about 800 pounds than riding a bike up and down the hills out here. Of course, it doesn't help that I discovered after about 7 miles that my back brake was pushed hard against my tire. Talk about making me work even harder! My legs are tired, but it was good to get out and do something different other than walking. However, I don't plan on riding my bike tomorrow. Mama didn't raise a dumb girl.
Enjoy your weekend. My kids are all outside in shorts and t-shirts happily running around. We're taking advantage of this weather as much as we can!

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