Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Performance

Last night was MEDs final performance at the Colorado Springs Conservatory. We were really blessed with the opportunity that she had there. As a child in HeadStart, she was one of four kids (out of 40+) that was offered a scholarship to attend the program for a year. It has been an amazing experience and we've seen her blossom into a child who has no fear of being on stage. The kids in the novice program were exposed to singing, dance, piano, and violin. It was certainly something that no other program around can duplicate. At the performance, we watched every kid play a piano piece, there was a whole group violin performance, and finally a round. Any music teacher will tell you that getting kids (especially a group that includes 5 year olds up through approximately 9/10 year olds) to sing a round correctly is difficult at best. These kids did a bang up job, though. Every teacher at the conservatory has the great blessing of being able to work with young children and mold them in a positive way that encourages them to do their very best.

I apologize for the poor quality pictures. The theater where they performed was very dark and even the stage was not super-brightly lit. When I used my flash, the picture became even darker. So, instead, you get to squint and search for our little superstar.

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