Friday, June 10, 2011

A-Hiking We Will Go

Today we decided to take the kids on a hike. We love Cheyenne Canon Park which is only 10 minutes (at most) from our house. Cheyenne Canon Park is home to Seven Falls (a very popular tourist attraction that charges you big bucks to go see it) as well as many wonderful hiking trails. Mt. Cutler trail is a very beautiful, fairly easy trail that takes you a mile into the mountains and gives you a nice view of (duh, duh, duh...) Seven Falls. This is a trail that we take friends and family on when they come visit us. Today, however, we decided to go on the Mid-Columbine trail. We have hiked this trail before (and were hailed on - BIG hail - the last time we traversed it) and it's a very nice trail. However, we forgot how the first mile of the trail goes - UP. Let me remind you that K and I just went on the Incline yesterday and we have parts of our bodies sore in places we didn't realize we had muscles (well, at least I do). We powered through it, though, and we hiked out two miles before turning around (we had soccer practice and a game to get to!). The little girls did a fantastic job keeping up with the family and, in fact, MED led us the whole way out and back. I'm amazed at how well my 4 and 5 year olds do hiking up hills and coming back down them. The Mid-Columbine trail climbs a little over 1,000 feet and most of that is in the first mile. You get gorgeous views of nature and the mountains, though, which makes it so worth the work.

I don't want to live anywhere else, when I have views like this just a few miles from home.

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