Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Incline on Hold

My plans to go up the Incline tomorrow are temporarily on hold until Friday morning now. I have an interview tomorrow (early afternoon) and I don't think an hour climb and subsequent hour hike down are the best thing to do right before an interview. So, K and I have agreed that we will be going up (early, hopefully, as it's supposed to be low 90s on Friday!) two mornings from now. I'm hoping for good things with this interview - it's my third this summer and I HATE interviewing! I always walk out and kick myself for omitting information I really should have mentioned. Oh well, three's a charm, right? I can only hope... Just in case you are DYING to know what I'm interviewing for, it's a 4th/5th grade Looping Teacher. No, not loopy - looping. If I get the job, I'll teach 4th grade this year and then move up to 5th grade with the same class next year. I did it once, many moons ago, when I taught in Illinois. I absolutely loved those 2 years. You don't spend the first month of school the second year setting rules and guidelines, figuring out the levels of your students, getting to know one another... you just hit the ground running and never look back. It's great! But, I'm not getting my hopes up. I just want to hit this methodically and not. forget. anything. at the interview.


It's like a ghost town in our cul-de-sac. My kids are the only ones that play out there and they almost seem lost. There were always two other girls out with them, but since they moved away it's been almost eerily quiet. Our new neighbors are starting to move in, but we have yet to meet them. They do have a child - an infant. CED is already seeing dollar signs - babysitting! Who wouldn't want to hire a girl that has four siblings? I think she's perfect for babysitting - just not an infant. But, as soon as that baby turns into a toddler, I bet I know where CED will be!

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