Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Soccer Fun Rolls On... and On... and On...

Friday night JED began a new season of indoor soccer. He's playing with some boys that he's played with before and he loves his coaches (one is a friend of ours - the dad of a boy on JADs team). JED played hard along with his teammates, but they were defeated by a team that had as many subs as they had players on the field. JED got his turn at playing goalkeeper in the second half and allowed only 3 goals (two boys in the first half together allowed 8 goals, so JED certainly did a great job!). He loves playing keeper and he even ran back into the house because he forgot his goalie gloves. I'm glad my kids have the opportunity to play soccer year-round (even if the experts say that playing one sport exclusively is bad for them). It's what they love and if the opportunity is there we will do what we can to help them play. Call me crazy.


Today JAD and CED played in their very first 3v3 tournament. I'm not going to rehash any scores (neither team won a single game), but watching the games was fun and it turned into a beautiful day. 3v3 is a completely different game than a regular soccer game. The fields are small, the goal nets are small, and the players move fast and are very physical. I think the game certainly separates the 'men from the boys' so-to-speak. It was a great experience for both of my kids and I was very entertained to see how competitive CED, in particular, became (I already know how extremely competitive JAD is - no new news there). Her coach kept saying "We're here to have fun and learn" and CED kept saying "I'm here to win!" I wonder where these kids get it from?

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