Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Week in Words

Life has been busy busy lately, but yet I've felt like there's nothing to write about. Last week CED and JAD both had soccer tryouts and we are still waiting to hear what the results are. I'm not worried about CED - except we don't know at this point if she'll even have a team this coming year. Her team had to play a girl down quite a lot this last season and we don't want to repeat that. Unfortunately, we only had one new player show up for tryouts which only replaces the one girl who is leaving due to a move out of state. JADs situation is a bit different, however. There were two teams last year at the U13 level - a Classic 1 and Challenge. This year only 19 boys showed up for tryouts which means that the two teams are going to be combined into one and this team will stay up at the Classic 1 division. Tryouts finished this past Thursday and we are still waiting for the coach to call the boys to tell them if they made the team or not. Parents are starting to get frustrated.

On another note, JAD graduated from 8th grade on Thursday. Most of our day was taken up with his pre-graduation activities: graduation practice in the morning (for 2 1/2 hours!), class picture downtown with students all dressed up (1 hour), and then to graduation itself by 6:30. It really was a nice ceremony and it was wonderful watching how the whole class gets along. What was even more amazing was watching how they have all gelled together and how they accept each and every person - newcomer or there forever - so completely. JAD has made so many friends and he knows everybody, which is quite something considering he started there in March. After the graduation, there was a reception for all the families and then the eighth graders stayed for a dance until 11. My son actually danced with several girls! I love seeing his confidence and comfort in who he is. He has made the final decision to continue on at Vanguard next year (the high school where he's at) despite the soccer team's disappointing record. K and I certainly won't argue with our child that chooses the top academic school in the state! We are so very proud of our son - he is developing into a remarkable young man... even despite the teenage moodiness.

CED took her entrance exams for CMCA on Thursday while JAD was doing graduation practice. She is currently number five on the waiting list, so they wanted to get testing done. When she got home, I asked her how the tests were. She just laughed and said 'easy'. I believe her when she says that. I knew the testing would be easy for her. I had warned her about the math, because they make it progressively harder so they can properly place the student in the right math class. She finished all of the problems and realized, after the fact, that she had done one wrong. I don't think the testing will keep her from getting into the school. We have been told that the school does not have a place for her yet, but I anticipate that she'll be in by the end of the first quarter. Meanwhile, she is continuing with summer homework for the middle school she is technically slotted for. She has been accepted into the Pre-AP program there, along with about 25 other students. In fact, this coming week she'll be attending UCCS for an enrichment program with her classmates (and other students around the city). CED will be taking classes dealing with math and science - some of them are classes I would like to take!

On Friday, I had two interviews - one at a daycare for a PreKindergarten teacher and the other at an elementary school for fifth grade. I, unfortunately, did not get 'good feelings' as I left either interview. The PreKindergarten teacher is potentially good, but horrible pay. Understandably, they are concerned that I will leave them in a couple of months if I get a job in an actual school (better pay and benefits), but they were also very happy that I am very qualified. The elementary school job is one I highly want, for obvious reasons. The principal was very personable and the school is beautiful. The student demographics are very different from where I've worked the last two years, but I think I can handle that! I already know the math and reading curriculum that they use (it's what I've taught previously), so that's helpful. Of course, I keep thinking of all the things I should've said during the interview that I didn't. I hate interviewing. I will know about both jobs around the end of the week, but I'm not holding my breath.

We are currently debating about getting MAD tested for early entry into kindergarten. The principal at the kids' elementary school said she would help us get her in, even if her scores are close to what the district is looking for. I have to go to her daycare tomorrow to get a letter of recommendation from her teacher. Ms. Heidi kept telling me she was more ready for kindergarten than anyone of her classmates. We'll see what happens. It would be nice to not pay for daycare anymore. I know she can handle kindergarten and all that it entails. It just means that my baby is in school and my kids are growing up too fast. Oh, parenting and the heartache that it entails sometimes.

I will work on getting graduation pictures - for all three of my kids - up on the blog this week. My camera does not work well inside (the pictures all come out dark), so everything is on Ks camera. He hasn't been home all weekend as he is attending a class to get his Type E soccer coaching license. Yesterday he came home and had to take a 4 hour test for the class and today he gets to teach a lesson to his classmates about defense. He is having great fun, though, and has learned a lot about coaching. I think he'll be putting some of this to work this fall - he may be helping coach either CEDs team or JADs team this year. So, with that said, once K can get pics off his camera, I will get them posted so you can see my beautiful graduates!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It's been absolutely gorgeous here with temps in the upper 80s - my favorite weather!

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