Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Incline... Second Attempt

Today K and I went and did the Incline again. I was determined to get to the top faster than I did last week (a very slow 1:25:49). Today we had the mentality of 'slow and steady wins the race'. It was amazing how much farther I was able to climb when we moved at a slow and steady pace rather than trying to move quickly. It also helped that we've done it once now so we know what to expect (like when we reach the false summit we only have about a 1/3 of a mile left to go - that's a good thing!). We started off at about the same time as many other people, but we were able to leave them behind fairly quickly.

Before we even start the Incline, we have about an 8 - 10 minute climb from the parking lot to the beginning. As I started that initial climb, I kept asking myself why in the world I was doing this again. Why would I want my thighs and rear end to burn and me t0 gasp for air as I scrambled (yes, scrambled) up several different parts of the Incline? But let me tell you, I felt so good as I progressed up that mountainside - I was accomplishing something that's fairly difficult and I was doing it better than last week. Today we did the Incline in 1:08:30! We shaved 17 minutes off our time (I know K could go up so much faster - he's just being nice and staying at my pace) and I'm really happy with that time improvement! Now my goal is to shave off 9 more minutes, but I know that's going to take a few more trips up in order to do that.

Next climb? Next Wednesday! Look for a mention of my new time next week.


On a sad note... all of the neighbors that we loved when we moved into our house here in Colorado Springs have moved away. We live in a cul-de-sac of just five houses. Last summer, two of the families moved away. This week, two days apart from one another, the other two families moved away as well. One family moved elsewhere in the Springs, so we'll see them on occasion (very often this summer as their daughter is CEDs closest friend here). The other family is moving all the way to Florida (MED bawled last night for a good 20 minutes saying goodbye to her friend M). Now we are all alone with only one set of neighbors we sort of talk to, two brand new sets of neighbors that we don't even know yet, and the crazy people next door. Yay. Here's hoping we'll like our new next door neighbors.

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