Monday, July 12, 2010

America's Favorite Pasttime

Last Thursday we were supposed to go to a Sky Sox game (AAA affiliate to the Colorado Rockies). Because of bad weather, the game was postponed until Saturday night. Our tickets were turned into rain checks, but we decided that we'd go on Saturday and catch a double header. That's right, folks! 5 1/2 hours of baseball! We really did have a lot of fun. MAD spent her time split between watching the people behind us and searching out Sox the Fox, the mascot (otherwise known as her boyfriend). Everyone else seemed to enjoy just being out at the game. The weather was perfect and the Sky Sox won both of their games. A good night had by all!

JAD and his 'buddies'

It doesn't get much cuter than this face!

What's a baseball game without a cold beer?

All the kids - minus MED, who is hiding her head because she was mad at something totally inane, I'm sure.

We've already heard about a dozen times 'When are we going to another baseball game?' That's what $2 Tuesdays are for, kids :)

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