Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving On Up

I took the next step in having an 'almost' teenager today. The kids have been making their own sandwiches and such for a while now (that's what happens when both parents work, right?). They find stuff in the frig and put it in the microwave, make all sorts of sandwiches, and pretty much fend for themselves during the day. No comments, please, on my lack of parenting skills - particularly in the area of making nutritious lunches. Today, however, JAD took the next step forward. He made mac-n-cheese. All by himself. Does that scare you as much as it did me? That's what I thought. Here's photo proof of his mad cooking skills:

Who said I was old enough to have a teenager? But hey, he's becoming more and more self sufficient! That's a catch-22, isn't it?

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