Friday, July 2, 2010

Money Tree Anyone???

Today JAD started his journey through orthodontics. The first order of the day was to be fitted with an expander. This is to spread out his upper palate in order to fit on the braces and correct his 100% overbite.

Here he is getting the mold of his upper teeth so the orthodontist can make the expander.

The Expander! This fits across the roof of his mouth.

Yes, these would be our orthodontists. All three are watching the highlights from the Brazil/Netherlands World Cup game from this morning. Where else can you find an orthodontist who will pull up highlights on his phone so you can watch them while he puts a tortuous device in your mouth?

Here is the final check. The final pushing, prodding and final positioning of the expander. The fun job is now mine. Twice a day for the next 2 weeks I have to insert a small metal rod into the middle of this expander and twist it. This slowly spreads his teeth out on top, which will make room for the braces on the bottom... whenever that happens.

JAD thinks that this is our way of torturing him without actually touching him. I say it's not. But we'll see how much I giggle each time I have to turn that expander...

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