Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day

We spent our Fourth of July in laid back fashion. We ended up heading out to America the Beautiful Park in the Springs for an Art/Craft Fair. The fair itself was, overall, non-inspiring, but we'd never been to this particular park and we enjoyed walking around and letting the kids get some energy out.

This is Penrose Fountain. It actually moves, very slowly, and occasionally water flows from the very top. The bottom is filled with constantly running water and people of all ages are allowed to play in it.

CED, sporting her fashionable self, before heading into the fountain with her younger siblings.

Ahhhh... JAD being pensive. He was 'too cool' to join the others in the fountain. That's okay. He sat and talked with me.

Yes. It is what it looks like. They are picking their noses. I didn't get a picture of them flicking their boogers at the camera. You can thank me later. This is what we do in our free time to entertain ourselves - take goofy pictures that will later in life becoming embarrassing when shown to boyfriends and girlfriends. Yes, we are that mean.

A real picture of our beautiful children. They may drive us batty a good portion of the time, but we sure do love them a lot.

An end to a pretty good day. We went to a country club that is all of five minutes from our house. We were able to sit on the golf course, on a pond which put us right across from where they were setting off the fireworks. For many of the fireworks, we had to lean back in our chairs to watch the fireworks explode over our heads. It was great. We've never experienced fireworks this way. Happy Independence Day, America!

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  1. A fun time had by all!

    I can't believe you made them do that for the picture.