Saturday, July 17, 2010

Future Salesmen

Today we had a bake sale to raise money for JAD's soccer team. Money is going towards tournament fees (or just season fees). Only three families participated, so the boys split the profit three ways. We decided to set out items and not price them, instead only ask for donations. The boys raised $350 today! That's exciting considering we just had $116 shaved off JAD's fees. AND it made my 8 hours of baking yesterday in 95 degree weather with NO air conditioning feel more worth the effort.
Here's a picture montage for ya:

Aren't cupcakes just FUN? I adore cupcakes...

These brownies are actually made from scratch, loaded with chocolate chips and topped with a fudge frosting. I think each one weighed, no joke, about 1/3 pound. They are oh-so-yummy-chocolately goodness. If I must say so myself. And I must.

JAD and two of his teammates. These are probably his favorite teammates as well. They did a great job of asking people to donate money to the team. Good job, boys! Way to raise some money!

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