Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bribery... I'm Not Above It

Yesterday, we had a LOT of errands to run.

Pick up JAD from school (WEBLeader training)

Go home to get the two things I FORGOT

Go to insurance office to sign some papers

Go to doctor's office to pick up MAD's shot records for daycare

Go to OfficeMax for school supplies (and have kids buy their 'own' supplies to beat the purchase limit)

Go to Kohls to return pants I bought for JAD (because I found khakis at Old Navy for 1/2 the price!)

Go to WalMart to finish shopping for school supplies

Go to Albertson's to return moldy raspberries (bought day before - irritating!) and get some needed groceries

Why do all this running in one day? Because then I only had to endure one day of hell instead of two. Get my drift?

Yes, I bribed the kids. With their free junior frostys they earned for being good at the dentist. If they behaved all the way through WalMart (that included NOT running through the clothes racks at Kohls and WalMart and NOT whining at me every 10 seconds), I would stop at Wendy's. Bribery is a beautiful thing because, as you can see, they made it. Parenting well is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

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