Thursday, July 1, 2010

Number One

I figured that I'd start writing this as a chronicle through my daily forays of being a mother of five. Someone once told me that my daily life would be great as a sitcom. Not sure if that was a compliment or an understated way of saying that I'm crazy and thus, by proxy, my offspring are as well. Two boys and three girls always make for interesting days. JED, being the middle child, is always good for a laugh and constantly puts himself in the center of anything possible. He is my daredevil - jumping ramps on his bike - and the consummate class clown. I am breathing huge sighs of relief that school is temporarily out. We are enjoying the relative quiet of not being called several times a week about his 'behavior'. He completely epitomizes the red hair he sports (currently in a mohawk). Last week at the fanfest for Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, JED watched motorcyclists doing jumps and acrobatic feats with their bikes. He immediately turned to his dad and announced that he wants to do that. Yep, that's my daredevil! JAD, the oldest boy, is incredibly bright and only has interest in soccer and air soft guns. Much to my bewilderment, he is going to be 13 in just over a month. I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent that one from happening. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be much obliged. :) His sarcastic mouth, unfortunately, doesn't fall far from the tree. I'd like to say that he gets it from his dad, but... CED, being the oldest of my three girls, is fully into the preteen mentality. Tears, frustration, slamming of doors... and she's only ten. Her dad and I are not sure that she'll live to be 13. She is every teacher's dream student - helpful, sweet, bright, hardworking, kind... and then she comes home. She, too, plays competitive soccer and is following in her big brother's footsteps and playing defense. On the flip side, she loves to shop - online and in stores! I still am waiting for that money tree to sprout in my backyard. MED is child number four and the epitome of all things sweet. Do you need a hug? A kiss? A boost to your spirits? MED is the one to go to! She is incredibly determined - last summer she learned to ride a two wheel bike, no training wheels, thankyouverymuch, and will not take 'no' or 'you're too young' as an answer. She won a scholarship to a conservatory this past spring and will be attending this fall to learn music, theater, and dance. MAD, our youngest, is determined to put her dad and I in an early grave. 'No' is not a word that exists in her world and she knows that she can do anything. She can swing higher than kids twice her age (and all on her own) and, I believe, she is preparing to walk across hot coals sometime in the near future. Shoes are an evil necessity that she shuns at every possible minute, instead opting to walk across rocks, blacktop and sticker weeds in her bare feet.
Hopefully I can capture the essence of our family as we wind, weave, stomp, cry and laugh our way through life.


Conversation earlier this week:
MAD: Mommy, can I have a pop?
Me: No, honey. Not tonight.
MAD: But why?
Me: Because it's almost bedtime.
MAD: Then can I have a beer?

My reaction? Dismay? Yelling? Crying? Nope, hysterical laughter. Is that wrong? Try not to be jealous of my mad parenting skills....

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  1. Great blog!

    As a follow-up I did tell JED he can jump motorcycles in the future.

    Where did MED learn to ask for a beer?

    Love ya! K