Friday, May 27, 2011


This week, Tuesday, I had a meeting with the director of the Colorado Springs Music Conservatory (CSC). She wanted to discuss with three other families and ours the possibility of our kids continuing next year in their program. If you didn't already know, MED was given a scholarship for this past school year for their program that teaches her dance, theater, piano, violin, and singing. She has really enjoyed going there once a week and her confidence level has skyrocketed. She gets up on stage anywhere and exudes confidence in who she is. She has been a part of two piano/dance/singing recitals this year and was chosen to be in "A Midsummer's Night Dream" as well. The director has offered all four families a continued scholarship for the next year - $1100 total - if the child (and family) is interested in continuing at the conservatory. Yes, please! We have to pay the registration fee of $250 - a total steal considering what she gets in return.

So, MED will continue at the conservatory next year, practicing her singing, dancing, instruments, and acting. We are so blessed to have been given this opportunity that we wouldn't be able to afford on our own. Come September, look for updates and pictures of MED at the conservatory. K and I are super excited!

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