Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soccerday Wrap-up

Today we had three games (what else is new?) that, fortunately, kept us close to home. The day started off with JADs 8:00 game (which meant we were up by six - ack!). The boys handily won the game 6-1. We even put a boy in at keeper for the entire second half that NEVER plays this position EVER. That's how much the boys dominated the game. After the last couple of rough weeks, it was good to see them win a game. CEDs game followed later at 12:30. The girls played a lot of the game on our side of the field (that's never reassuring), but they scored just before the half and managed to hang on until the end. The other team was subbing girls 5 at a time... we had one sub. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and all of the girls - both teams included - were hot and tired by the end. They've gotten used to playing in the cold weather we've been having, ironically, on weekends. Playing with the temps in the upper 70s threw them all for a loop. I, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying my time in the warm weather and sun. Well, that is until I realized my legs were completely fried. They are now a very bright, bright red. It's not so pleasant and enjoyable now.
JEDs game was five minutes down the road from CEDs game, but started at 1:00, so I couldn't be there. JEDs team won their game as well with a score of 5-2. JED scored every. single. goal. His coach, if you remember, wants him to score and apparently that's just what he did today. K kept sending me texts updating me on the score at JEDs game. The first goal came in the first minute. What a way to set a precedent for the game!
I hope you all had an equally pleasant Soccerday. We are still outside enjoying the warm weather. I, however, am wrapped in blankets and all other sorts of cold weather gear because my nearly blistered skin is making the night air (which is currently at 69 degrees) feel positively frigid. Lesson learned - skin not exposed all winter needs to be covered the first warm and sunny day so as not to become lobster-like. But it was a great Soccerday. :)

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