Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Graduations Are Going To Kill Us

This year we have three kids all having promotions or graduations pretty much at the same time. MED is being 'promoted' to 1st grade (a very big deal for kindergarteners!) and her ceremony is next Thursday morning at 9:00. CED is graduating from 5th grade, with her program next Wednesday evening. And JAD is graduating from 8th grade - 8th grade, folks! And, of course, every child needs something nice to wear. Fortunately, our next door neighbor keeps giving us the clothes that her daughter has outgrown and we have inherited some beautiful dresses. CED needed something nice to wear, so she picked out a dress at Kohl's last weekend. JAD's ceremony requires a suit. I guess that's what we get when your child goes to a prestigious charter school. All the girls have to wear a nice light colored dress (no skirts!) which must be pre-approved and the boys must wear a suit (no sportcoats) with a faculty approved tie. Craziness, but I know that it will be a really nice ceremony with all those kids all dressed up. It's a busy time of year!

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