Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Run-Down

Here's a re-cap of what happened in our house this weekend... If you actually have a life, you'll be bored quickly by this rousing rendition of what we did.

Friday brought us two extra kids for the night - a brother and sister that play on JADs team and CEDs team - so we could take them to games on Saturday. They were up late. K and I went to bed before they did. In fact, I fell asleep on the couch around 9. I'm assuming they went to bed when we said they should. Then again, what I don't know won't hurt me now.

Saturday was full of three games - one in Littleton and two in the Springs. CEDs game was in Littleton and they unfortunately lost. It was certainly a one-sided game as far as calls go and our team was not on the winning end of those calls, except when it came to off-sides. I won't rehash all the bad calls because I'm crabby right now and I'll begin to rage.

JEDs game was a slaughter for the other team. JED scored multiple goals, not only for his team, but for the other team when he went in to help them because they didn't have enough players. He's becoming quite the player on offense and his coach wants him to concentrate on passing the ball - once they're winning, of course.

JADs game was also in the Springs. Also a loss. And a very horribly called game. I didn't get to see either of the boys play their games as the girls and I were up in the Denver area and it was a 2 1/2 hour round trip, but I got to hear very detailed re-caps of the game and these refs also seemed to be absurdedly one sided. JAD was red carded - something we knew would happen one day - but apparently for a very bogus call. Actually, he was blatantly tripped when he was nowhere near the play and the ref didn't call it because he 'didn't see anything'. JAD got mad and yelled (I'm sure very politely) at the ref that it should be a foul. So, he red carded JAD. Another player on JADs team was also red carded for going after the kid that tripped JAD. Mayhem then broke out and the ref had the audacity to lay his hands - and even restrain the other player he carded by completely wrapping his arms around the boy - on both kids. Let's just say our coach let it be known that he didn't like that at all. JAD then told the ref that he needed to 'grow some b*l*s'. He has no fear on the soccer field (or pitch, as I'm sure he'd correct me).

CED spent the rest of the afternoon and night at the house of her teammate that spent the night at our house Friday night. This family is moving to Texas in July and it was M's birthday party/going away party. Another late night for CED.

K and I took advantage of no extra kids at our house and left JAD to babysit so we could go listen to Corrupting Celest at a local bar. I worked with the lead singer's dad for the past two years and we got to listen to him play with the band, as well. We had a delightful time listening to music and talking to people and we got home very late - something like 2 am - and went to bed even later - like 3 am. Thus the reason I'm crabby today. But I'm glad I went.

I had to pick CED up from the sleepover this morning and drop JAD off at the same time as he was attending his teammate's birthday party/going away party. They went paintballing and ate pizza. I had to rush CED home so she could help set up for the graduation party she and our neighbor B had this afternoon in our cul-de-sac from 1 - 3. I dropped her off and ran to the grocery store because - yikes! - it was our day for drinks and snacks at JEDs soccer game. JED and I left for his game at 12:30, leaving behind K and the girls to finish setting up for the party and K to cook all the burgers and hot dogs.

JED had a great game - 4 goals - and his team won 8-2. JED even scored on a throw in. He threw the ball in, intending for a teammate to get it, and no one touched it so the ball just rolled right into the goal. Score for us!

JED and I rushed back home to the party, where it promptly started to rain 10 minutes later. All the adults huddled under the party tent. Awesome.

I was able to chat for a while with a former neighbor who moved to New Mexico last year. She and her husband are back in town for a few days, so it's been nice catching up. Our other neighbors that moved to Kansas about the same time last year should be in town tomorrow, so we're looking forward to spending some time with them as well this week.

At 6, I had to head back down to Fountain to pick JAD up from the party he was at. K, once again, was stuck with party duties and very graciously and kindly finished cleaning up. In case you're thinking I've done nothing for this party, I did do all the dishes and I did clean up all the food. Ahhh, the crabbiness is showing, isn't it?

While I was doing dishes, another adult suggested to the little girls (there are 5 in this cul-de-sac that are 8 and under) that they should make 'cheeseball soup' in the pool part of the slip-n-slide. Guess what? They did. Mud, water, and cheeseballs. It was delish!

We are now all finally inside, the little kids are clean, and the Bulls are on. I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself as I have no schoolwork to do. I suppose I could help JAD study for finals, but that doesn't sound fun, either. I think a trip to the library early this week is in order - I need some reading material!

CED wanted another sleepover tonight, but that idea was nixed - especially since the girls wanted it here. Why does everyone just assume that we want their kids to sleep here? Why can't my kids ever leave to sleep elsewhere? I couldn't handle the thought of three nights of sleepovers (we had one Thursday night, as well) and my kids are tired and crabby. Kind of like me. I'm looking forward to peace after 8 tonight.

Hope you had a great weekend. Our weekend really was very good, just positively exhausting. I'm looking forward to a slow beginning of the week!

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