Friday, May 13, 2011

She's A Winner!

Sometime last week I received a call from the kids' elementary school saying that MED had won an award for their Writing Masters Program. To give you a little background, the Writing Masters Program is held every year and every student in the school has to participate. Various teachers from the school score the students' writing and they choose honorable mentions, and first, second, and third place. For the last two years, we've been invited for CED. This year it was MEDs turn. K was able to go to the school to watch her receive her award and, to our surprised pleasure, MED won first place for all four classes of kindergarten!!! K said she was so surprised and didn't realize that she had won first place until he was able to tell her after the presentations. She was so modest throughout the whole thing. That is until Thursday when she wanted to wear her first place medal around her neck. That's gotta make you smile.

MED had to write about what it would be like if she was a princess. Her story begins "I love that I have a boutlofl (beautiful) castle. I am so prity. I would trn (turn) my flamilmy (family) in to a prince or a prinss (princess)..." She continued on with an additional seven sentences. Her teacher told us a few weeks back that when the kinder students had to write three sentences, MED would always write 6 or more. She just loves to write. We're so proud of you MED!

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