Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soccerday, Week Who-Knows

Today is Soccerday and it's cold here. Where is Spring? It flirts with us - we get beautiful skies, warm, sunny weather and then BOOM! It's cold again. The weather forecasters are talking about what parts of the Springs are going to get snow overnight. SNOW. In the middle of May. This is just crazy. Today started out pretty nice - cool, but sunny, so that fought off any kind of chill you might feel outside. By the time we got to JEDs game this afternoon, the clouds had rolled in, the breeze had picked up, and the temperatures started dropping. K and I are still feeling chilled and my nose is cold to the touch. We were supposed to go to the Sky Sox game tonight with friends, but we backed out knowing that the little girls would be miserable by the beginning of the second inning. Bummer.

Okay, so back to Soccerday. We started out the morning at CEDs game with a whopping 10 girls and that's how they played. They fought hard - especially with two of the girls not feeling well - and pulled out a solid win of 4-0. It still marvels us that they have a record now of 7-1-0 when their record last fall was 0-7-1. Notice the correlation? Weird. But we definitely like seeing that 7 at the beginning of their stats! They have worked hard this Spring and it's really paying off.

Game 2 was JEDs game. I'm not sure of the final score and we're really not going to worry about that. Get my drift? But JED did score his team's only goal, so we're really pleased with that. We spent much of that game hunkered down under blankets trying to stay warm. That, and trying to keep Desi under control. K and I decided to take both dogs to the game and Emma was a picture perfect dog - well behaved and she sat or laid down the whole time. Desi, on the other hand, got out of her collar twice, rolled all over the ground, and tried to tackle any person that walked near in hopes that they would pet her. I've never said that the black lab was smart. Just the opposite. But we love her all the same.

JAD didn't have a game today, so we got away with only two games today (although JED has another game tomorrow, so it's still a grand total of three games this weekend). Instead, he went to a birthday party at his girlfriend's house. He ended up being the only boy that showed up, which was, in his words, "awkward". This was a huge step - letting our son go to a girl's birthday party. I don't like the fact that my kids are getting older and liking people of the opposite sex. I'm not ready, even if they are.

Hope your Soccerday was warmer than ours. Look for an update on JEDs second game of the weekend in the next few days...

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