Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Are Surviving/Randomness

K and I are still trying to recuperate from the busy-ness of the past few days. This doesn't mean that life has come to a standstill, because it hasn't. We still have to pick JAD up from school today, take him to buy a suit for graduation, go to Sam's Club (my children perpetually DON'T tell me when we're out of milk. Or dog food. Or garbage bags. Or, or, or...), and then take JAD to soccer practice. And that's just today. But at least it's not the craziness of the weekend. I'm also trying to get my house clean (it's a very slow process) and catch up on laundry (which just seems to keep multiplying - what in the world do we wear all these clothes for???).

Yesterday we headed to the library where I checked out five books. I get to read! I love reading, but the school year keeps me ultra busy and finding the time to read anything other than papers I need to grade or seeing if reading material is appropriate for my students just escapes me on a daily basis. So, I plan on reading to my heart's content over the next couple of months. After the library, we drove past a book warehouse on the south end of downtown. K has wanted to go in this place for quite a while and, since we had the time, we headed in. They have a pretty good selection of books and the prices were pretty decent - $2 for a paperback and $4 for hardback. The store even has an exchange program where you can bring in books and they'll give you store credit to get other books. I like that, except I live with a book hoarder and I don't think he'll be giving up any books any time soon. On the second level of this place they have several huge tables with books marked down to $1. As we checked out, the lady (an owner, I'm sure) said the kids could all have a free book. How nice is that? MAD found an Elmo book, MED a Junie B. Jones (3rd grade reading level and she's almost done with it already!), JED a Shel Silverstein poetry book, and CED a book she heard from kids at school that's really good. I think that we'll be going there every now and again! And just in case you're wondering what I'm going to be filling my brain with over the next few weeks - junk. I'm reading mysteries - no love stories - just good ol' mysteries, crime books, and the like. I'm detoxing and this is one of the best ways I can do it.

This morning I joined a friend from school on a walk. She doesn't live too far from me and we walked about 3 miles together. 'A' taught a 4/5 split class at my (former) school, but quit for personal reasons back in March. It was nice talking/walking with her and we plan on meeting again soon. As K put it when I got back - I got to get some exercise, talk with a friend, and escape for a while. All true.

I've also been working on finding kids to play in a 3v3 tournament that another club in town is hosting in June. Sending out emails to CEDs team and coordinating that is pretty normal as I manage her team, but I'm also handling JADs team as well. The current manager's son is not going to play soccer anymore and the club owner has asked if I would be willing to manage this team as well. My response? Not a problem. I'm sure the old manager is not happy that I'm already 'taking over' because she doesn't like me very much, but many of us want our boys to play in tournaments this summer, so I'm getting it done. June 11th you'll find us out on the soccer fields watching 8 games. Yes, 8 - 4 per kid. I'll be investing in a LOT of sunscreen!

Hopefully I will get pictures of MED and CEDs graduations posted in the next day. Most of the 'good' pictures are on Ks camera and I keep forgetting to ask him for those. At the very least, I'll get all of the graduations up next week!

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