Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is Coming

I've finally started pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations. Yes, I know that it's already December 6. I've just been so busy, and sick, and overwhelmed with other goings-on that I just haven't gotten around to it yet. However, yesterday I began dragging out the boxes and strategically placing Christmas decor around the house. In my opinion, the more lights, the prettier, and for some reason I really LOVE white lights. This year, though, I put green lights on the mantel and I'm LOVING them. I also set up my Christmas village (Department 56 North Pole set). I haven't put it out in so long, it was like discovering something completely new all over again. CED helped me put it up and she seems to really like all the houses and the scene that they put together. It's easily been 5 Christmases since this village has been up; our house in Wisconsin just didn't have the space for it and I've just made excuses for why I can't/shouldn't put it up here. I'm still terrified that one of the little ones will end up pulling it off the table, but I guess that's a gamble I'll have to take. Hopefully we'll get the tree up tomorrow night. We'll see.... we'll see.

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