Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Last night K and I stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse - definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Starting about 10:30, we started walking in and out our front door to check on the progress of the eclipse. To see the moon more clearly, K took the scope off his Ruger long gun. Yes, that is classy. Yes, we are closet rednecks. But at least we weren't standing in our front yard with the scope still ON the gun. That would be full out redneck. But I digress. Watching the eclipse. It was fascinating to watch the eclipse take place and then see the moon turn a dark shade of brownish-red. The sky was perfectly cloudless and the constellations were incredibly bright and clear. It was a wonderful night for a lunar eclipse. We woke up CED and she came out to look at the full eclipse at about 1:20. We attempted to wake up JAD, but he only mumbled something incomprehensible then rolled over and went back to sleep. Apparently, K was able to get him awake about 45 minutes later, but I was already in bed and asleep by then. Definitely an experience I was glad I stayed awake for.

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