Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why I Love Colorado

We had a cold spell the last couple of days. It's been in the mid-20s. My dad would argue that this isn't cold, maybe because the high in Wisconsin isn't going to be above freezing anytime in the near future. Boohoo. I've become spoiled since moving out here and I. Like. It. Tomorrow we bounce back to the low to mid 50s. My kids will be playing outside in sweatshirts or light jackets - if I can convince them that even that is needed. This is wonderful to me! Any time of the year, for the most part, my kids can be outside running off their energy. Even when it snows, the snow (all 1 - 2 inches of it) lasts about a day and then is gone. So many people think of Colorado and think 'SNOW' and 'COLD'. They are so very, very wrong. Yes, it is cold and snowy if you drive up into the mountains. But here on the front range we have very pleasant weather. Except for the wind. I hate the wind. But I love the temperate climate! Sorry, Mom and Dad. I don't plan on moving back to the frigid tundra anytime soon. But you can come out here! You don't have to bundle up for months at a time. Here, it's just days at a time. I don't even wear a winter coat anymore. A jacket is all I need. Aaaahhhhhh....

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