Monday, December 20, 2010

Poor D

Today K had to work, so his dad, D, spent the day with just the kids and me. He got to live out a day in our lives beginning with a soccer game at 10:40 this morning. We then proceeded to go to Sports Authority, lunch at Subway, back to soccer for game number 2, to the mall (Justice, specifically), to Target (where D and the boys ditched the girls and me to go to Petco), then to the grocery store. Now doesn't THAT sound like an absolutely entertaining day? Ya. That's what I was thinking. His own personal glimpse into hell - shopping with five kids. I'm exhausted and they are my own kids. I can't imagine how tired D is. But I guess that's the beauty of being grandparents. You spend a few tiring days with your grandchildren and then you can go to your QUIET home and sigh a sigh of relief. Lucky!

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