Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Soccer Weekend

We ended this weekend 3-0 for our various soccer games. It was very exciting! JADs team is playing up a year (during the outdoor season they are a U13 team, but for indoor we are playing U14) and they played an excellent game last night. With the opposing teams being usually a year older than the majority of our boys, they are usually taller and bigger than most of our team. JADs team, however, has some real talent on it and they have jelled together very well over the last 5 months. They played against a rival club team and beat them 3-2 (yes!) with JAD scoring the winning goal.
JED had an early game this morning and his team, made up of mostly young 8 year olds, beat the opposing team 3-2 as well. JEDs team plays in the U10 league, so teams can be made up of anyone from 7 - 10 years of age; that's a huge gap considering development at this time!
CEDs game rounded out the weekend with a cool 13-2 win. Every girl on the team, with the exception of our well-played goalkeeper, scored a goal. It was very exciting to see these girls start to play the way the parents know they can play and this win will hopefully really boost their self-confidence as soccer players. I'm proud of all my kids - they played excellent games this weekend!

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