Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Ends and the Next Begins

Session one of indoor soccer is officially over. That just means that it's time for session two! While my children are MORE than thrilled to play more soccer, this means that I have to drive back and forth, once again, to more games... and practices... and games... I love soccer - I really do. And I love my children (though there are days where I question my LIKE of them)... so I'm trying to convince myself that all this time driving is worth MY sanity.

Here is JED's indoor team. At this age, they still get little trophies at the end of the season. JED will be sorely disappointed if he goes on to play competitive soccer like JAD and CED. There are no trophies unless you are the winner. JED has never played with these boys before, yet he knows some of them because their older brothers play with JAD. We are just one, big, happy soccer family. And, oddly enough, that is a pretty true statement - at least with JADs team. We have laughed together, celebrated together, cheered together, cried together, and mourned together. We really have grown to become a family. I guess soccer can be a good thing for kids and parents alike!

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